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Real Stories, Real Transformations: The Unforgettable Experiences of Just a Few of Our Summit Goers

Kelly Benemerito

Gives me support in what I was wanting. There was so much research and experience based information.

They give me more confidence in my decision, more confidence to speak up for what I want and know is safe. I feel more equipped.

Emily Scott

I feel like the Natural Birth Summit approached childbirth from a very wholistic point of view, encompassing everything you should know about how to set the environment and person for childbirth. It helps you know how to help yourself have the most positive birth experience possible, and it takes away the fear by replacing the unknown with understanding.

Danielle Bell

The summit made me feel connected with wonderful boosting confidence and passion that it s worth standing up for gentle nurturing compassionate empowering experiences for each mom and baby

Katja Plohl

I am birth doula and already have positive understanding and perspective on natutal birth. But the Natural Birth Summit gave me some new informations and understanding some situations.

Monique Powell

It’s helped to fill me with more positivity around pregnancy and a natural birth

Emma Bermudez

I am a doula in training, and I truly believe this summit has helped me to grasp the importance of my job and what I can really do to help women have an empowering and fearless childbirth experience.


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